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Strategic Intervention Coaching is a new approach to life coaching. There is no one-size-fits-all solution - unique you in your own world is where we begin and end.  However, you share your world so rather than looking only at the immediate issue that you bring, I take in a wider view. There are very few decisions we make or actions we take that do not affect someone else in our life or are not influenced by someone else in our life. And we might change something in the short term but once we go back to our lives (work, family, spouse, friends) maintaining that change becomes harder. I look for sustainable growth. Want to learn how to create permanent positive shifts and transformations in yourself and in those people around you too - sometimes without them ever being aware? Let's do something amazing together!

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"Kids eh? Who'd have 'em." If you are familiar with this kind of comment, or the feeling it comes with then you are not alone. The structure and pressures of our lives now are such that many ideas of child rearing that we carried with us from our parents and their parents before them might need a bit of updating. You may even have a lovely young person but you are struggling with the transition to parent. After all, there is no such thing as a "professional parent" Whatever you are feeling, coaching can help. Whilst the relationship coaching I offer can cover your relationship with your children, this area can be so important in your life that it needs its own focus. None of us can claim the perfect child but when we start to approach things with firmness, respect and kindness and love from within the understanding of the child as a child (not a small adult) a lot can change in a short time.

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Relationship Harmony

Are you a husband or a wife, a mother or father, a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister? SiIly question eh?! Of course, we all are one or more of these so we all know what it is to be in a relationship. And we all know that at times this can be elating, freeing, fun and other times it can be frustrating, annoying, even soul destroying. We all might have a different idea of what that relationship should look like but one thing we possibly all aspire to is harmony, whether the relationship be romantic, social, business, with your family, your spouse, or just the one you don't talk about much - the relationship with your self. From day one of life, we yearn for connection and seek love in all forms and when we aren't feeling that then sometimes it can seem that nothing is right, so getting relationship coaching can have a huge impact on other areas of life that may seem unrelated.

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Emotional Mastery

Want to run a marathon and don't even own training shoes? Want to start a career as a singer but crippled with fear? Is there a job you want or an interview you have to prepare for and your inner voice says you are not good enough? We will work on your mindsets, beliefs emotions to come up with an easy plan to progress you to where you want to be. Minding your own business, getting on with life then BAM! anxiety kicks in. Woke up this morning and for some reason you are just not feeling it, Read a negative tweet, or a comment on your post and suddenly the day is ruined. Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Fear of our world and loneliness seem to grow in proportion to the increase in social media that are supposed to bring us together. Break your patterns, become a master of your emotion.

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